Phosphoros was created in response to a growing curiosity about work I have made over the years.


Having grown up in different cultures (born in Africa, raised in Europe and Asia), from a young age I felt the need to find a universal language in which I could share my vision with friends all over the world who do not necessarily speak the same language. I naturally turned to visuals. 


I have always loved to draw. Spending two years among artists in Florence inspired me to try my hand at painting – a short-lived experiment, but it did spark off a quest that has not ceased since.


My research in the Pyrenees into Romanesque sculpture led me from an academic study to the practice of stone carving, culminating in the commission I received years later in London to make a sculpture of Saint John of the Cross, which now stands in the garden of the monastery where the Spanish mystic died (Úbeda, UNESCO World Heritage). You can find the milestones of its creation under the tab "The making of San Juan".


Back in Paris, an arm injury had me switch my chisels for a pen. My first published poems were inspired by photographs. This medium opened up a new world to me.


The drawings, paintings, sculptures and photos on this site are for sale. I am happy to give you personal advice on dimensions, availability and prices through the contact form.